Topic outline

  • The Introduction

  • Physical Fitness Components and Attributes

  • Format and Structure

  • Speed, Agility/COD & CardioVascular Endurance


      A presentation that introduces the final three components of our fitness jigsaw.

      Containing links to programs that you can follow and implement into your own summer schedule.

    • This is the ALTIS Speed resource (outlined within the powerpoint)

    • Within the powerpoint above, you are introduced to the 'Tempo Running' 6 week programme that you can use for your CVEndurance.

      However, should you wish to not follow such a structured programme, this resource is a great range of ideas for sessions that you can 'cherry-pick' and build into your summer week's of training.

      You can of course adapt the number of reps/sets within each session to make them easier/tougher depending on your current levels.

      The resource comes from two senior S&C coaches who are working down at Exeter University.

  • "Prepare Programme"

    Muscular Endurance - Muscular Strength - Core Stability

    This is known as the "Prepare Programme"

    The details will be found in the subsequent PDF documents below. 

    Rather than splitting these components up into different sessions, it is better for us to tick the boxes together and make the most of what time we have.

    The "Prepare" programme is designed to be complete three times per week for 6 weeks. It is up to you if you want to follow that exactly, or if you would like to do just 1 or 2 sessions per week.

    This youtube video is the accompanying instructional video that shows you how to do each of the exercises that feature in each of the weeks. The video shows the PDF table and then goes through each exercise one by one. Once you are familiar with each exercise, you will be able to carry them out automatically.

    Advice: Print off the PDF table and then have that to hand, watching the video alongside.

    • PDF Printout of the 6 week Prepare Programme

      It is advised that you print this off and use it as a reference when watching the above instructional videos.

  • Contact Conditioning

    Being physically fit and conditioned is one thing, but being ready to deal with the demands and stresses of contact and collisions in rugby is another demand that we must be prepared for.

    The above video is a link to a library of bodyweight exercises that are designed to prepare your shoulders and joints for the stresses of impacts and contact in our sport.

    This has been put together by experts in the USA who work in Rugby, American Football and MMA/Combat Sport.

    There is no clear outline as to how often to do these exercises or for how many reps etc. My advice is as follows:

    Contact Conditioning should be completed at the start of every session in small doses - 1-3 exercises completed 5-10 times in a circuit. Microdosing little and often is better than 1 big session once a week.

    Contact Conditioning should include the athlete exploring the range of exercises from the library and progressing through the more difficult variations as you become more comfortable. Do not just spend 6 weeks doing the same 2-3 options - explore and develop your movement skills.

    An athlete is welcome to include a specialised contact conditioning session into their weekly programme as it's own session. This will be intense on the shoulders and core. This session may include the athlete working through a wide variety of the exercises in a circuit fashion.

  • Putting it all together - An Overview

    • This is an exemplar overview for a week of Mr Gardiner's training week.

      You can organise your own training in whatever way you like, this is just a template of how you may choose to programme your own training.