In here, you will find a wide variety of resources and information about physical preparation and training programmes for you to engage with, in preparation for the return of school sport in September.

Open to all pupils, regardless of sporting passions, this is an opportunity to develop our physical capacities over the summer weeks so that we are better prepared for the Autumn.

Details, instructions and explanations can be found within this folder within the resources available.

Any questions, get in touch with Mr Gardiner

Within this section, prospective A Level Physical Education students will find the Pre A-Level course.

Completion of this course will give you a flavour of what you can expect from September onwards and will put you in a good starting point, ready to begin formal learning in the Autumn.

  • No work will be assessed
  • Mr Gardiner/Mr Wilson/Mr Gilchriest may request that you submit some work via email,,, The requirements will be made clear on the resources within this folder.

The content in this short course will aim to cover a broad range of topic areas that you can look forward to studying in further detail.

It will also cover the course outline, specification content overview and there will be some reference towards the non-exam assessment (NEA) aka Coursework.

An area of our A Level PE Moodle that will focus on links and resources that may be of interest to you, in order to enrich your understanding and develop your passion for sport, exercise and performance further.

  • Podcasts - are there some useful ones out there for us to listen to?
  • Research - articles and research that is accessible?
  • Articles - any interesting articles from the world of media that could be worth a look at?

Note: The content that is covered in this area may not be AQA Specification relevant. 

It doesn't mean it won't be useful though. If you struggle to read around the subject beyond our textbook and other resources, this area will be a great place to start.

About this course/section:

Created as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this section is the provision for remote learning tasks and resources for Physical Education and Games.


  • Workout of the Day - Monday/Wednesday/Friday (LWG)
  • Athletic Development and Injury Prevention - resource base for exercise guidance and advice to helping pupils stay injury free and improve physical fitness,wellbeing and sporting performance
  • Cricket - resources available to help pupils with their cricket development.
  • Hockey - resources available to help pupils with their hockey development.
  • Health and Fitness - additional resources/links to material that pupils can follow to help with their overall fitness

Central page for resources for pupils here at KES to help with their all-round rugby development.